Charter Application

Please complete the Shanomet Charter Application, print it out, sign it and mail it to:

218 Mansion House Drive
West Chester, PA 19382


Charter Period First Choice
Charter Period Second Choice

Your name:
Number in Party:
Country (if other than USA):
Home Phone:
Office Phone:
Cell Phone:

Have you chartered with us before?
Yes  No
If yes: Boat:

Have you sailed the Southern
New England Coast before?
Yes  No
If yes, When:
What Size Boat:
Where did you Sail?

Do you own a boat for your personal use?
Yes  No
If yes, Current vessel
Years owned
Former boat
Years owned
Is it kept on a mooring or at a slip?
Is your experience mainly powerboats or sailboats? 
Have you anchored a vessel larger than 30 feet before? Yes  No
How many times?
Approximately how many days do you spend boating yearly?
In the last 3 years?
When you have cruised were you Captain or Crew?
Is your experience mainly inshore or offshore?

Briefly describe any offshore experience

Do you have any formal navigation and/or piloting training? Yes  No
If yes, tell us what courses you have successfully completed
How long have you been boating and where did you start?

In the following areas, please rate your experience 1 to 4,
(4 being the highest), by checking one box:

Navigation 0ne Two Three Four
Currents 0ne Two Three Four
Tides 0ne Two Three Four
Use of Onboard Electronics 0ne Two Three Four
Anchoring 0ne Two Three Four
Piloting 0ne Two Three Four
Depowering Sails and Rig 0ne Two Three Four
Docking in Current / Wind 0ne Two Three Four

Have you chartered a vessel before? Yes  No
If yes, complete the following starting with most recent:
Charter Co.  Boat type/size Duration Location Year

Have you ever been responsible for any damages, losses or claims from the above charters? Yes  No

If yes, describe:

Please list two boating or personal references (cannot be family or crew for this charter)

Please include name, address, phone, and email.

We occasionally check with other Maine charter companies as to your boating abilities whether or not you have listed them as a reference.

Please list one bank reference:

Name of Bank:

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

NOTE: The undersigned acknowledges and fully understands that any false statements contained herein shall constitute a breach of the charter agreement and shall be subject to any damages, costs and cancellation fees set forth by the charter agreement. This Yachting Resume shall be deemed integrated into any and all charter agreements between Charter LLC and the Charterer including any and all extensions, amendments and replacements thererof.


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