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Specifications: Safety

Lightning Protection

THe J/42 is completely grounded in accordance with industry practice. The mast, shroud chainplates, strenhead fitting, backstay fitting, engine, and electrical system are grounded to the keel. In spite of this grounding, there can be no assurance that personnel or the boat will not suffer injury if the boat is hit by lightning. The following are suggestions only and in no way guarantee safety in the even of a lightning strike.

  • If possible, remain inside a closed boat during a lightning storm. Do not contact any metallic objects inside or outside the boat.
  • Avoid contact with any items connected to the ligtning conductive system (mast, shrouds, etc.) and especially in a manner to act as a bridge between them (mast to shroud, etc.).
  • Avoid swimming during a lightning storm
  • If the boat is mildly struck by lightning, check all compasses and electrical gear to determine that no damage or change in calibration has taken place.

Safety Equipment

You can never be prepared enough for emergencies which may arise at sea.

It is the operators responsibility to comply with all federal and state regulations with respect to safety equipment; operation of their vessel; and safety of all passengers.

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